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C2E2 2012 - Sketches&Panel Details

C2E2 is right around the corner and it's great to be back to this beautiful city and to this awesome show!
Some vital informations for those will be there:
My location: I'm in Artist Alley, table A8 (see diagram below)
Convention Sketches
Yes, I will be doing sketches at the show.
The sketches can be in A3 or A4, white or colored paper, single-figure, some background, done with pencils, inks, watercolors, markers or pastels.
My prices are: Head/Bust - $80Full-Figure $120Quick sketches - $40

You can see some samples of the sketch:

I try to do 5 - 10 of these per day. It's done first-come, first-serve, so just come see me early to get on the list. I will do a new list every day. Only cash will be accepted
I'll have several prints for sale at my table, mostly Aquaman and Nightwing, if you are a fan of my coloring job on those books, come by and buy some exclusive posters from the covers. It will be $15 for each A3 print.
You can also bring your comics to get signed.
Otherwise you can stop by just to say hi! , please feel free to stop anytime.
Signing at DC booth
During the show Ill be doing signings at DC booth(#115) . Here's my signing schedule:
Friday 4/13 - 6-7pm SIGNING 
Saturday 4/14 - 10-11am SIGNING
Thank you guys for all the support! Looking forward to see you at the show!

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